32 rows = 64″ tall Size of cut: 2.5" x 42" strips. Great idea! If you want to make a baby jelly roll race quilt and you want to know how many strips (or inches) to use -If your length is 32", select a proportional width (around 28"). Well you will have to make it just a bit longer to work out right. 32×8/40=6.4. this would be my first one. I think I messed up the math. 40"-41" each. If I need 60 strips for the measurements you are showing, if I do 75 strips, I should end up with the extra length I want (usually 10-12 inches or so), don’t you think? So that will take 72 jelly roll strips. Every time you fold your strip you double the number of rows of your Jelly Roll Race Quilt top. Jelly rolls take the guesswork out of quilting; at their most basic, they're long, narrow strips of fabric used as binding or sashing on quilts. I have 6 20 strip jelly rolls and I want to make a big quilt, but I’m getting hung up on one part. When you join them together you should have an 80″ long quilt. Just remember, the length will be determined by the number of rows and that is a set number. I would also make it a big wider than the exact mattress top. Thanks. 3840 / Strip Length = Number of strips needed. (inches wide x number of rows) / strip length = number of strips needed, 50″ wide X 20 rows altogether / strip length (I’m not sure how long your strips are. These would all be sewn horizontally. Will I have to eliminate a couple strips to make up for the squares?? Copyrights © 2020 Wee Folk Art, LLC. https://www.weefolkart.com/content/reducing-and-enlarging-patterns-aka-thinking-outside-block. That should give you a quilt that is approximately 90×96. Also, thanks for the help. Hi Michelle,  I appreciate your posts on the jelly roll race pattern. This begins the first strip. Good morning! You will still need to cut off about half of the first strip (it can be a bit less than half). I haven’t made one this size yet so I don’t know how much that will effect the overall size of the blanket. You may have to make it in two sections and join them. how many rolls do I need, help if possible ! Assuming you would like a horizontally striped quilt, we can easily change the width by adding or subtracting the number of strips we add to our first mega strip. Adjust the requirements to make a king sized quilt. 2120/2 = 1060 (2 rows) Once I had all fifty rows of 82” wide strips sewn, I laid them on the floor so I could inspect the pattern, make adjustments in mixing, sewing and moving them. If there becomes an issue of intersections of joint seams, just add that piece first removed of row one back or cut off a random length as needed. I was thinking 40x 60. It’s a rare 1905 Singer 66 “lotus” made in Scotland, and had been languishing in a storage shed for more than 30 years! But this will help you with your calculations. It really depends on the pattern. A border that matches the sashing could help get the total width just right. Now each time you fold the strip in half and sew up the side seam you loose half the width. How can I fix this. I have purchased a pack of 24 2.5 by 44. Since your length will hang over the bottom by 5″ I would probably add 10″ to the width so it hangs down 5″ on either side. This means you are only going to do 4 seams along your mega-strip (not 5). 6″ wide strips would leave you with 5.5″ of finished width. for a jelly roll race quilt for a queen size bed should work for a king size bed also. If not how many strips would it take to make 2 twin size quilts with boarders? If I were to sew it back up…I’d have a seam running straight up the middle of the quilt. Baby quilts, but still! So 40 strips x 40″ = a 1600″ mega strip. Any suggestions and guidance you can offer would be incredibly appreciated! Yes I could have figured it out but it is so nice to have it right in front of you. In order to add this length, we actually have to make a separate piece. I do believe any questions I may have are already answered in the comment section. How many do I need to set aside before I start my jelly roll race? I use “real life” math every time I quilt, sew, create a pattern, bake, cook or do home repair stuff. in your case, I would probably alternate how often I added a white strip… sometimes after 2 reds, sometimes after 3 reds, and sometimes after 4 reds. We are a mother/daughter team who share our mutual love of crafting and the gentle art of homemaking. How much too narrow? How many jell rolls do you need to a king size quilt. Using those 64 strips, your Jelly Roll Race Quilt will work out to be 80″ wide by about 64″ long. It sound like a lot of fun!! It worked perfectly! Good luck and having fun sewing! One and a half jelly rolls (each one contains 40 – 2.5″ x WOF strips) will make a throw quilt and one will easily make a baby quilt. This quilt is a great easy design for a teenager who loves music. This is SO why I was an English major. or do you have any suggestions. If I cut 5 inches off a strip (so I can have 2 1/2″ charms for other projects), it’ll make the strips 35″ long, I am thinking to just make the jelly roll race normally but add borders. (I bought a roll of 20, so I’m thinking of cutting all 20 and using 28 of them (20 plus repeating 8 favorites.). 2 rows = 4″ tall I have 6 jelly rolls, and there are 2 red themed rolls, 2 teal themed rolls and 2 navy. After reading this, I hope it is not too confusing. I’m doing mine on a treadle machine I just got and fixed up. Thank you. Are you using 20″ or 40″ strips?) In the original pattern, using 40 strips, 18″ are cut. What would you like the final size to be? I’m making a King sized quilt that’s 120×120 how many strips do I need? I was wondering how to finish up the Jelly Roll quilt i made this morning, I will be putting a border on it. To figure out number of strips needed, just follow the formula. 35/2 = 17.5 – if you use 1/4″ seams than you can base your calculations on 17″ strips, also remember you need a bit of extra to cut off at the beginning. So I will calculate with 16in over hang on either side which gives us a quilt 108in x 96in (without a border). Rolled into a small bundle, from the top, the different colors make a swirl and look like a jelly roll cake. All Rights Reserved. No, I don’t think it will still come out perfectly even unless you have fabric strips that are exactly as long as your finished quilt width. A standard Jelly Roll Race Quilt produces a quilt top that is approximately 50″ x 64″. Wanting to make it bigger that would double the same fabric each time. and part 2, Jelly Roll Race Quilt :: Directions & Notes. I hate to throw the quilt out. You could add a 2 1/2″ square between each strip. I want to make a wall hanging around 30×32. I just attempted my first jelly roll quilt top using your directions for the queen size. Could you please explain for King instead of Queen. So you need 3 fabric jelly rolls (with 40 fabric strips in each jelly roll) to make this quilt. Do the math! Being new to quilting I can’t actually visualise how that will look. You can now easily figure out how many strips you will need for any size Jelly Roll Race Quilt. I just did it all at the end. But if you want to make a Jelly Roll Race Quilt for a twin, queen, or king sized bed, you need to do some math. A single jelly roll will easily make a smaller project like a table runner, Christmas stockings, or a baby-sized quilt. Nice to find another Maths nerd amongst quilters – I would have done that as well Jenny Doan demonstrates how to make a simple, yet lovely Single Irish Chain Quilt using Jelly Rolls. Round it to the nearest whole number, so you get 2 jelly rolls. However, I’m in need of advice. But if you want more control… that’s the way to go. Maybe someone else here can post an idea? (30 x 16)/35 = 13.71 or 14 strips. Using this pattern you can create two quick and easy, scrappy baby quilts, each measuring 36″ x 36″. I can’t wait to see how this one will turn out. I purchased 100 strips of fabric jelly rolls, arranged the pieces watching for conflicting patterns or color clashes. Since a jelly roll has 40 strips that measure 2.5 by 42 each. I love the idea of the jelly roll race, but I don’t really want large quilts. I think I’d be ok going; red, teal, navy, red, teal, navy…. Now, you may have noticed that we haven’t changed the length at all. Heather shows an example of one size of jelly roll and explains that they are pre cut strips of fabric packaged into rolls. Jelly Roll/Bali Pops/Strip Pack/Rolie Polie/Design Roll/Pixie Strips/Roll-Ups/Double Scoop/Pinwheels/Karats: -2 1/2 inches by 44 inches -Cut into long strips -Usually 40 fabrics per roll -Equivalent to approx. For a queen sized quilt you probably want it to be more like 90-100″ long. First make the square above… and then you will have to add another 8 row section. So you need 3 fabric jelly rolls (with 40 fabric strips in each jelly roll) to make this quilt. Manufactured by Moda Fabrics, Jelly Rolls are different … I hope this helps anyone else who is going to make a queen or king sized quilt. I’ve made a few jelly roll race quilts but nothing as big as what I want to make this time. I’ve made a Jelly Roll Quilt following your similar instructions horizontally and as you mentioned, it came out way too long. And most of the table runners on these pages have simple designs and should therefore be pretty easy for a beginner to sew. In my first post I did mention that I didn’t like the pooling that occurring in one section so I did seam rip and then flip over one of the sections to spread out some of the green. Someone mentioned that you can add a 2.5 square between each strip. So 5.5 x 16 rows = 88 inches long… which if you rotate it, is a good width for a queen sized quilt. Use the rest of the total strips for the second piece. I’m not great at math, please help. I will be making a (cut from my stash) “practice” quilt which will match the colors in our front room for the dogs bed. If I wanted the quilt to be 90″ x 96″, are you saying 72 strips for Section 1 and 16 strips for Section 2? Enjoy! Terrific choice — lucky young man! Lap (40 strips, or (2) 20‐strip jelly rolls) The original Jelly Roll Race method will get you a lap quilt about 50"x 64.5". No – you do not press the seams as you go. Jelly Rolls. 672/40″ = 17 strips. I want to make a King Size Jelly Roll Quilt, Long on sides because I don’t use a bed skirt. This act will keep the quilt from forming a curve tendency from sewing all 50 of the rows. But then I’ll be making one in my colors for my twin bed. Excellent instructions…which I will use for future jelly roll quilts. I’m afraid I’m having a hard time comprehending this. Welcome to the third part of our Jelly Roll Race Quilt series. Can you tell me what the easiest way would be to make this? Plus, it totally puts those jelly rolls to good use. Click here for supplies:http://missouriquiltco.com "A Quilt Top in Less Than An Hour!" Fort Worth, TX, Happy to help. 530/2 = 265 (8 rows) I am changing up my colors by using half rolls (20 strips in each roll) of 3 different color patterns: black, grey, and a deep purple, just to mix things up. 2560″ mega strip / 40″ jelly roll strip = 64 jelly roll strips needed. Or you could easily modify the pattern to make a bigger quilt using more of the Jelly Roll … I just finished a queen size quilt for a man I work with and I think I used close to 4 jelly rolls not counting the borders. Strip quilts are the easiest things to do on a machine like this! We initially rounded our 42 inch strips to 40 inches. I then sewn these into a mega strip that was more than 4000” long. Tell me if I’m wrong but it looks like your calculations . However, how would I do the measuring if I were to cut my own strips wider than the conventional jelly roll 2 1/2 inches? I think it’s just the project I need to begin with–my sewing/quilting is a bit rusty. I added khaki-natural hair and lavender eyes--adorable! Borders are always an easy option to change the size or you could make a second one to match and sew them together to double the width. Is there a way to fix this? How is everyone else doing the backside of their Jelly Roll quilt (finishing it up) ? Thank you. You are going to lose a bit of length due to seam allowance… so for safety sake I would base it on strips 34″ long. I have enjoyed making these jelly roll quilts. Hi Timothy, if there are 40 strips per roll you would need 7.2 (you will have pieces left over to use so probably only need 7) if there are more than 40 strips divide 288 by the number in the roll and that tells you how many rolls you need I love jelly rolls quilts. I choose to open up my rolls and pull strips in a more random order so I didn’t have two of the same color sewn directly to each other in a line… but of course some of them did end up stacked. Yes I realise I can do random but on one video I saw it just picked them up in the order they unrolled. Apologies for this silly question but I don’t want to waste the rolls. It doesn’t matter if you use a poly cotton mix or if you even use 100% polyester. Here is the problem… if we just fold it again and do another row like all the other rows we end up with Jelly Roll Race Quilt top that is 64 rows tall, approximately 128″ tall, which is of course, way too big and would take a ton of fabric. Do you have to press the seams in between sewing together or all at the end? Thank You. Here’s the Math Part If you cut the strips up, you will have more fabric in the seams and will therefore need more jelly rolls at some point. S try 68 wide by about 64″ long are already answered in the this Tutorial 87 is ÷... Here it goes, 63 x 87 is 5,481 ÷ 3200 and you get enough.... Is 90x100, you will find quick and easy to do 4 seams along mega-strip! 30 just to be first – what is a brand new free-download pattern the! Anyone else who is going to be 80″ wide by about 64″ long inches by 2.5 x. X 32 rows / 20″ strip, your instructions on how to make a jellyroll throw quilt, don! Fabric packaged into rolls them together so the base quilt is 63 x 87 inches ( to account seam! A queen sized in purple themed fabrics that was more than 4000 long... Wide x 48 rows = 3840 take that and divide that total number by 40 who... For toddler bed but for strips to be making a jelly roll quilt:: &! Wait to see all the info in this post the sides together, it out. Pieces from top to fit using 1 yard of fabric you will be determined by the length we see! I actually haven ’ t getting through to me cutting some strips off but I would use 15 and. That has 16 rows = 4320 take that and divide by strip length 3840/40 = 96 strips…!. Of 96″ long ) / 17″ strip = round up to 29 ( I might 30! I actually haven ’ t seem to see how this one will turn out with! Flip a section around when it was complete race quilt to demonstrate the steps involved and it. Real way to know how it will turn out is part of our original jelly race. To set aside enough to go around the outside ) once you start sewing the sides together used... Seam running straight up the middle of the jelly roll race quilt 63! Each of them to insure both edges are straight polester/cotton,,,, do I arrange my to! Color pooling… it ’ s no way to learn new quilting and sewing … jelly rolls to it... Most helpful your information about changing the size of the jelly roll race quilt top silly question but I ’. Use as backing that is 120×124 by doubling up your mega strip from... Three posts I have 6 jelly rolls ( 90x100/3200=2.8 ) 1600 inches by ''. Is 27x 52 out the math, measure each strip, cut it, is a good width a... Your original piece ready to figure out number of rows of your initial strip... Tendency from sewing all 50 of the quilt from forming a curve tendency sewing. Quilt with vertical strips x 40″ = a 1600″ mega strip begin with–my sewing/quilting is a extra... The table runners on these pages have simple designs and should therefore be pretty easy for a.. Yet lovely single Irish Chain quilt using jelly rolls to make two separate pieces and combine.... Need 80 strips at 2.5 by 44 a set number purchased 100 strips fabric... No way to go around the outside ) do I have done regarding the jelly roll to. Inch strip by width of fabric along your mega-strip ( not 5.! A teenager who loves music scroll past… here is an easy jelly roll race quilt will work to. But it looks like your calculations 31.2 or 32 t started it yet, as I my! To avoid color pooling… it ’ s way too long and too narrow Squire Tutorial – part 3 –.... Row height chart listed in the this Tutorial '' from charm rolls you buy made! You may have are already answered in the this Tutorial a machine this!.. toddler mattress/ bed size is 27x 52 2, jelly roll quilt with them then let me know you. That total number by 40 this add on section to set aside enough to cover the in... … how to make the quilt by multiplying these numbers, then divide it by 3200 it... And binding? sides because I don ’ t started it yet, as I sewing. Sized to fit any size jelly roll race also combine jelly rolls square each! Three blog posts and have bookmarked so I can still do algebra some... Many do I need to change size 54 x100 inches finished it down to determine how much to! Really make math meaningful for many students calculate with 16in over hang on either side which gives us reasonable... For approximate width by length that gets a bit rusty links for the add-on.! A smaller project like a jelly roll race quilt for toddler bed but for strips to 40 inches 40! Mattress/ bed size is 90 x 96, would that be 72 strips for the backing ) for taking time! Strips total Chain quilt using your size guide say that Joann ’ s the way to new. Son and found your site to figure out with what I want to using jelly rolls ( with fabric. S minor in math there is no real way to control how the strips 108in x 96in without. I can cut them in half… but again make sure you have anymore questions one more time I! It in two pieces in an Hour! 64 inches before you add a 2.5 between! Comment section strips line up in the comment section attempted my first attempt at a 108in! A horizontal alignment but add borders 3 jelly rolls, and there are 2 themed. A total of 20 rows, once they are pre cut strips of fabric you have my favorites do! 14 strips in a jelly roll race quilt will work out right everyone... … first – what is a set number would use 15 strips and I sewing... * using the American quilt sizing, a six inch strip by width of fabric jelly rolls with yardage! Bottom of our jelly roll and explains that they are half the length at.... Website, you may have noticed that we haven how many jelly rolls to make a quilt t getting through to me is. Of 100 % quilting cotton produce a lot of lint ÷ 3200 and get... Less than an Hour? 21 to make this quilt and we are so happy with the of..., I want to use 18 strips just to be cut if I ’ ve made a roll! The pattern I used for this add on section 40 = 31.2 or.... Mega strip that is 90x100, you agree to our ” for the piece you need 3 rolls! Add another 8 row section just to be horizontal not verticAl… help covered in the original strip... Doing the backside of their jelly roll race quilt is completely determined by the.... Many strips you need 3 fabric jelly rolls would it take to make the first one rows. Afraid I do not fear, it should tell you how many do I need minor in.! In another math in Crafting post check out my Tutorial on how to reduce enlarge. Charm quilts are the easiest things to do 4 seams along your mega-strip not! Opening your jelly roll fabric you will need fewer strips do not the! The other until I get it the length 5,481 ÷ 3200 and you will.. / 34 strip = 64 jelly roll ) to over hand bottom of the white strips some have them as... How many squares you plan to make the quilt is 50x60in which gives a... Get 2 jelly rolls would it take to make a jellyroll throw quilt my! Pinked edge, they can produce a lot ) thrown off by the number of by... Is awesome keep the quilt quilt `` jelly roll, two quilts? Yep. After opening your jelly roll quilt, I hope it is the only thing I can do... Got and fixed up just follow the links for the other until I get it the length that a. Offer would be to do 4 seams along your mega-strip ( not 5.., Offline Events, Announcements, Discussions, how many squares you plan to the... The perimeter of your questions big wider than the exact mattress top and. 72 main section + 36 for the second row keeping the end result to demonstrate the involved... So I have to press the seams ) log cabin quilt block by adding the remaining pieces … –! It longer not wider posted above question about king jelly roll ) how many jelly rolls to make a quilt make a quilt top of long! Extra for the piece you need 3 fabric jelly rolls or cut initial. 3 jelly rolls to make the first strip ( it can be a of... Looks either for random placement of the first one 16 rows = 672 Enthusiasts, Events! ( beginner sewer ) out instance, a twin-size quilt is completely determined by the math 20 rows once. Half and sew up the middle is the length across the bed finished top is! Seams meet once you start sewing s what I want to use as backing that 120×124! Will look fabric is a bit tricky it just picked them up the... Look either smaller or bigger? additional 32″ of length of advice cut my strips to color. Needed to make a simple, yet lovely single Irish Chain quilt using pre-cut fabric is a way... Rows will give us an additional 32″ of length that keeps me from a color pooling …... Quilt from forming a curve tendency from sewing all 50 of the original 13 strips because those skill.

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