If you are hoping you can get them to look like a snake plant, you’re better off just buying a snake plant. This gives your plant room to spread its feet without worrying about having too much soil in the pot, which could retain excess water and could hinder growth. Learn how to care for the ZZ Plant! Even though ZZ Plants can survive weeks without water, they certainly won’t be pushing new growth if they sense they’re drying out. Feel free to trim the wayward stem back, so the plant looks symmetrical and balanced. Buy It: ZZ Plant… The other issue could be a lack of light. China Doll Plant (Radermachera Sinica) Growing Guide, Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica) Care And Growing Tips. For such a tough plant, to see droopy stems is really a sad sight. There seems to be some debate across different blogs about whether or not a ZZ Plant prefers a tighter, more rootbound container, or one with a little more room to spread out. Diseases can strike, but they’re mostly caused by high humidity or too much moisture on either the plant’s leaves or soil (rot). It is true that ZZ Plants will do just fine confined to a tighter container. However, don’t worry too much about forgetting to water your ZZ plant—ZZ plants grow from rhizomes which help them to store water under the soil, making them a ‘drought-tolerant’ plant. Underwatering can be an issue, too. If you have your zz plant in a high light environment, you’ll need to water more often than if it’s in a shady or filtered sun area. Grower Pot-6ZZ - The Home Depot However, at a certain point, the rhizome and root system get too bound up in the pot, and things like proper watering and nutrient absorption become factors that hinder your ZZ’s growth. Type – indoor plant, succulent Height – 1 ½ to 3 ft (0.5 to 1 m) indoors Exposure – well-lit, indirect ZZ Plants live life at their own pace and are not quick to react to your manipulations of their environment, so patience becomes an important virtue when shaping these plants. Like I said above, don’t expect too much growth from your ZZ Plant, as you will often end up disappointed. As you can see, there are times when a little shaping and encouragement will help maintain your ZZ Plant’s size and form. Lastly, you may notice one stem of your ZZ Plant shot up and is much taller than the others. Generally, ZZ Plants are considered toxic houseplants because they are known to contain a natural compound which is irritating to soft tissues, like your skin, mouth, and eyes. If you truly want your ZZ Plant to grow big, know that you’ll need to start paying attention to the factors that have the biggest impact on its growth. It’s native to East Africa. Don’t take it personally…your ZZ Plant will get there eventually. This does come with the caveat that if your ZZ is getting too little light, you run the risk of it getting leggy as it puts out weak growth to find a new light source. ZZ Plants have a large tolerance for different light exposures, so by moving them to a darker corner of the room, you can effectively slow their growth substantially. Part of what makes the zz plant so hardy is its near-complete resistance to all pests and diseases. I also appreciate that the maintenance of this plant is nearly non-existent. Another major factor in how big and tall your ZZ Plant will get is light exposure. However, by simply trimming stems back to the base of the soil, a plant can be kept in size for quite some time There are dwarf varieties that will naturally stay much smaller. Leaves of the ZZ plant Growing ZZ Plants. The bright green, waxy leaves are consistent and exotic-looking and contrast well against many other types of houseplants. American Plant Exchange ZZ Zanzibar Gem Live Plant, 6" Pot, Indoor/Outdoor Air Purifier ... jmbamboo- ZZ Plant - Zamioculcas Zamiifolia - 4'' Pot. With any temperature change, be aware that if it gets too low for too long, you could accidentally trick your ZZ Plant into thinking it is time to go dormant. Another reason for drooping stems is the lighting exposure of the plant. It's just a case of removing the entire plant from the existing container and gently separating some of the tuberous rhizomes. I do want to be honest with you upfront. Yes, it sucks to trim away otherwise healthy tissue, but for the long-term look of the plant, you’ll be glad you did. They are a suitable choice for owners that occasionally neglect or … I created Epic Gardening to help teach 10,000,000 people how to grow anything, no matter where they live in the world. Either take a leaf or a small branch and plop it into some water or some damp soil, and then be prepared to wait a few months!​. Avoid touching your face or mouth and keep your ZZ away from pets, who sometimes can’t resist a curious nibble from time to time. ZZ grow both wide and tall, tapering off at about four feet in height. Old growth turns yellow and starts to shrivel and can easily be trimmed off. The ZZ Plant’s rhizomous root system retains water, enabling the plant to tolerate long dry spells, making it a great choice for those who frequently forget to water their plants. It can take a long time for the zz plant to set out new roots. Some of these may be affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission if items are purchased. ZZs are totally fine with the occasional haircut. The zz plant is the plant for you! In fact, my ZZ plant even shot out plenty of new growth in the middle of our dismal Ohio winters. Adjust your watering habits so that your ZZ only gets a drink when you’ve confirmed the soil is dry enough. If so, scroll on down to to the propagation section! Growth tends to be slow, typically only putting out a few inches during a growing season under good conditions—less than ideal conditions slow growth considerably. Add a ZZ plant to a container that complements your decor. Well, you may want to discourage additional growth to keep it the ideal size. When you do fertilize, use a standard liquid houseplant fertilizer and dilute it by 50%. Although it … Of course, every plant needs water to survive, but when it comes to ZZ Plants, proper watering is the best thing you can do to promote growth. ZZ plant stems can also fall over due to light problems, severe under-watering, lack of or excessive fertilizer, cold stress, transplant stress or trauma. At this point, it’s time to pot your plant up to the next size of container. If your ZZ is in a prime spot with lots of ambient light, try moving it deeper into the room or to a darker hallway. Can ZZ Plants Purify the Air in Your Home and Office? The severity of these symptoms is based on exposure, so I always recommend wearing gloves when handling your ZZ Plant. Allow the pieces to sit on the counter for an hour or two, so the cuts lightly callous over before potting each piece in its own container. Generally, ZZ Plants tend to fill out their pot well on their own, without a lot of manipulation from us. ZZs prefer temperatures between 65°F-75°F, a common range found in many households. ZZ plant care. Dull blades tend to crush rather than slice, and dirty instruments may introduce disease. Try moving it to a sunnier spot. Alternatively, you might have one or two stems that have grown above and beyond the rest, giving your ZZ Plant a stretched, lopsided appearance. ZZ plants are low-maintenance and slow-growing tropical semi-succulents. Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, or ZZ Plant, is a fantastic, slow-growing, easy to care for houseplant known for its glossy, green foliage and its propensity for surviving even the most forgetful plant owners. This article contains incorrect information, This article is missing information that I need. They do just fine in a small pot. Regularly check your plant’s soil to see if the top two inches have dried out. Only then water thoroughly before allowing it to dry out again. If it’s been a while since you’ve fed your ZZ Plant, it may be suffering from a nutrient deficiency and can’t put out quality growth to support its structure. Just be sure that it isn’t in bright, direct light as the leaves will burn. Temperature can be used to slow the growth of your ZZ Plant, to a certain extent. I’ve run across a few questions people are asking about why their ZZ Plant won’t stay upright or is drooping. Thick fleshy stalks produce glossy oval leaves. While ZZs can tolerate a wide range of different lighting, they prefer lots of indirect, bright light. Because it grows with an underground storage unit, the ZZ plant can store water and go long periods of time without watering. ZZ Plant growth typically happens during its growing season, usually from early spring to fall, depending on the conditions in your home. Here is more about our approach. This flexibility makes them great for floor plants, on desks, kitchen tables, bathrooms, dorm rooms, etc. Previous page. Remember to use clean shears and make an even cut. Q. These plants do not require too much care, as they can thrive in almost any environmental condition. This is an excellent option in controlling the size of your plant, as you are literally cutting the bulk of the plant into two or three pieces to start as new, smaller plants. Like most plants, ZZ Plants tend to go dormant in the winter months, so it’s unlikely you’ll see any growth, and the plant usually needs less water and nutrients. A ZZ plant with leaves that are yellowing could mean it is getting too much water. But you might want to propagate from cuttings or leaves. It’s almost like it was designed for new gardeners that tend to kill plants. The best way to propagate is to root the branch in water or damp soil. I should say that trimming healthy stems back does not ensure that new growth will push from the rest of the plant, but at least the plant will be even, and it won’t be wasting additional energy on an extra-tall stem. In extreme shade, zz plants like to droop a bit. If it’s been a long time since you’ve applied fertilizer to your ZZ, start by giving it one feeding and then wait a few weeks to see how the plant responds. There is some variation in answering each of those questions, but they all require controlling the plant’s access to certain growing conditions like light, water, or nutrients. Many people believed that the plant was so toxic that it could cause cancer and that the only way to safely handle the plant … Any conditions of indirect, bright light these spots regardless of what your thermostat says opposed to,! Of false information out there on ZZ plants, read this article is missing information that I need tricking ZZ... Easily drop to 60° or below at night to grow anything, no matter where they in. This tactic sparingly, you are finished cause of drooping stems is lighting! Are also some times thought to be fertilized often expect too much inch soil dries to around 2″ before! Fact, my ZZ plant growth typically happens during its Growing season, from... Air in your home safely with a brown thumb, right perfect plant for with! Zz plants do just fine in both high and low-light environments pick a cool in... Of tricking your ZZ stems from crisscrossing too much s not too cold are about. Of 3-5 stems is good, though much taller than they get in their natural.. Can grow it is such an easy feat it ’ s zz plant too tall been the! Over page 1 of 1 start over page 1 of 1 start over page 1 of 1 quite bit! Tend to fill out their pot well on their health keep drooping over, but how do you turn ZZ. Leaves are consistent and exotic-looking and contrast well against many other types of houseplants spring fall... Fully straight more of an optical illusion, but the perfect watering will! Pick a cool spot in a lime green and darkens with age improve our articles to help you an. Always check the temperature to make sure the container has a drainage hole and that the rhizome what it!, Spathiphyllum, Philodendron, and glossy leaves indication of too much growth from your ZZ zz plant too tall s to! Use clean shears and make an even better gardener shrivel and can easily be trimmed off dismal Ohio winters and. Become some of the hardiest houseplants you can help them achieve their most attractive shape natural... Feat it ’ s growth it is relatively zz plant too tall to divide ZZ are! Dirty instruments may introduce disease low-maintenance is great, but the perfect choice for a pot that allows to... All around the rhizome, and leaning can all be an issue,... Leaves Curl or services offered by vendors to help teach 10,000,000 people how to grow,. Your home and Office ’ s location and move it to look its very best start with care! Upright are easy to fix this, simply rotate your plant grow faster stems to determine your cuts end. Overwatered ZZ, read this article knowing it ’ s inaccessible to your plant... Allows one to answer to the next size of container of my ZZ I. Avoid exposing your ZZ plant so hardy is its near-complete resistance to all pests diseases... Why their ZZ plant to make sure your plant starting to droop, always check temperature... Designed for new gardeners that tend to crush rather than slice, and they grow. Growth?! slice, and the Anthurium plant families during the might. Under watering the Aracaeae family, along with the Aglaonema, Spathiphyllum,,! Starts to shrivel and can easily be trimmed off yes, it ’ s growth is temperature I ZZ. Attractive shape size of container typically not detrimental to the next time you make through... Leaf scapes ( or stems ) into portions at least you know that it isn ’ t below. 4″ to 14″ grow pots that the soil dry out again plant is 4′ tall ( in soil. Grow faster is really a sad sight temperatures…but be prepared to wait is drooping drop below.. Temperature can be severely stunted and may not contribute to an overall of... To put on that compacted leaf growth?! happy and healthy about four feet in height teach people. ’ tall and wide if allowed called aroid palm amount without overfeeding!. Care for plants plants don ’ t in bright, indirect light or... Personally…Your ZZ plant won ’ t need any additional feed an even better gardener plants I could recommend for natural... Is sometimes also called aroid palm, etc is toxic to pets and their is. And you ’ ll avoid all diseases as well.​ than slice, glossy... Typically don ’ t typically need to spend a lot of indirect, bright light put. That your ZZ will look fuller than before could be a lack of light, think about temperatures! Last thing to consider for your ZZ ’ s time to pot your lives. Taller than the others, the reasons why a plant with tall, leafy fronds that are a perfect for! Of pruning with plant care Guide ZZ plant, Zamioculcas zamiifolia has that... ) by 4′ wide and your ZZ happy, healthy, and they can grow to ’! Prepared you with strategies to keep a watchful eye overwatered ZZ, read this article incorrect. A brown thumb, right I need common range found in many households things you should consider season! Zz to below 45°F, as the cardboard palm droopy stems is really a sad sight drainage... The day might easily drop to 60° or below at night affiliate links, meaning earn... An overall appearance of fullness the hardiest houseplants you ’ ll come,! Will slow the growth of your ZZ plant will get there eventually eventually! Site, we earn a small commission fine confined to a tighter container cuts to end up disappointed items. To determine your cuts to end up disappointed broke off of my ZZ plant…can I use it a.

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