First, I would like to correct the notion that Focal has any issues with unit-to-unit consistency. Incredible headphone! CAR AUDIO I 2020. I have the Elear for about a year and I bought the Utopia a week ago. Pricey but well worth it. Even though is a recording of a live performance in a large church with powerful accompaniment, it sounds wonderful. I eq’d this peak down by a few dB and found I was actually enjoying the slight forwardness it gave to vocals and solo instruments, and ended up leaving my EQ off. Bericht aan Dusutl. Focal Utopia. It is spectacular and without a doubt one of the best headphones in the world. Even when playing 20-30hz test tones and heavily bassy music as close to full-scale as I dared to get, the headphone seemed to recover from the edge of almost-bottoming-out to a lightning quick quiet passage with total ease and control. The true lambskin leather, used on the cushions, reinforces the character of classically elegant lines, as well as the expression of comfort and overall performances. Indeed, I consider the Utopia headphones as one of the best tools for audio engineers. As for the Utopias, they are quite mind blowingly good, even before they are fully burned in and I am so glad I decided to make the very substantial investment required. Focal Utopia. Focal has always been at the top of the game when it came to high-end audio products, but before 2012 I had only ever had experience with HiFi speakers. Zunächst bin ich überrascht wie gut sich der Kopfhörer schon anhört wenn er noch nicht eingespielt wurde. Confident and competent in every way to reproduce the input signal. The Focal Utopia presents a great deal of coherency, but it is a separation monster. In the box The $3999 version of the Utopias comes packed in a black faux leather presentation case with a 10' (3m) cable tipped with a 1/4" (6.3mm) stereo plug on the source end with snap-in mini-XLR connectors on the headphone ends. Your world of sound will be very different once you own these. A wonderful world class set of headphones. In my 2 channel system i value clarity, detail and punch/dynamic . Very happy! based upon my personal experience with this product So I have only been listening for a few 4-5 hours. The almost perfect Headphone. GREAT Sound! This case is the ideal extra purchase when you buy your headphones for carrying them in luggage or a small bag or to tidy them away out of sight at home. Utopia Headphone is one of the best tools for audio engineers in its category Utopia sound AMAZING, just grab your set! Beautiful construction of the headphone but the cable does not come up to the same standard. When listening to them, the headphones virtually disappear and the audio signal is revealed with a level of precision never achieved until Utopia.Design is also a key point, be it in regards to the way of using the headphones, comfort, as well as the aesthetic. So not ideal -- but worth an initial comment -- and my initial comment is WOW !! The packaging is special -- It was a little like when I opened my 24kt gold glasses from Bentley - the packaging is a work of art in itself - shame it will be assigned to a box room. Both are excellent, but I thought Utopias sounded more like what I hear in the concerts I attend. THE best dynamic headphone I have heard. The mids sounds magnificent, vocals sound sublime on this headphone. Just received my Focal Utopia. yet I started this review feeling like a great deal of trust and responsibility had been placed in my hands. It should be very helpful if you provide more product information like specifications and maintenance. Therefore it was essential to integrate the most recent innovations into this exceptional collection. All rights reserved. “World’s Best Headphone.” This was the proclamation made by the man who gave me my first job doing headphone reviews, my mentor and predecessor at Innerfidelity, Tyll Hertsens.As a young teenager I remember learning a lot from Tyll and Innerfidelity, and the exciting discussions of his reviews and measurements that made their way onto the forums at head-fi and … I also played tracks from some of the various Sampler albums I have collected over the years - Naim, B+W, Naim, Linn, McIntosh and Focal JMlab CDs1-8 Amazing headphones. 500+ Head-Fier. Innerfidelity is gone now, the site has been shut down, and my initials are not T.H. Not to mention it sounds great! Great sounding,but the accessories doesnt hold up qualitywise,from the headphones themselves. To my great surprise, the reviewing game came with far fewer entitlements or perks than I had been led to believe by cynical forum goers. These are very much “set and forget” which to my mind is the key thing with headphones. Many other headphones have their one footprint on all recordings. If there is bass in the music, these headphones will reproduce it well. My pair of Focal Utopias arrived early this morning. This is the absolute most resolving headphone I've ever had the privilege of owning. They give me what I’m looking for sound wise but in slightly different ways and with some different strengths and weaknesses. Anyway...they remind me of the Marker's Mark Whiskey ad......Taste expensive...and is! Thus, Listen has an extremely dynamic sound, tight bass and remarkable tonal balance. The best ever! Focal Utopia provided astonishing Improvements to my musical enjoyment, so much more than expected above the Elear and Clear that I own. JUST SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. The HD800 presents a sound that is translucent, airy. Were I in the market for an endgame headphone and amp solution, that makes a very tempting deal. The build quality is exceptional and the comfort is incredible. Phenomenal resolution, wonderful tonal balance and extremely fast and revealing sound. As the final chapter closes on the old guard of head-fi, and we move into the comfortably established phase of the headphone hobby, I can say this much, no matter who you are, two-channel enthusiast or long-time headphone junkie, the Focal Utopia and Arche combo is Summit-Fi done right. Simply the best non-electro-static headphones on the market! All I now need to buy is a shorter cable and maybe a headphone amp???? The hype is real as it truly brought out the very best from my songs I play it with. Finally, the exclusive speaker drivers with their aluminum/magnesium ‘M’-shaped domes enable Elear to provide strikingly realistic sound. The Arche as an amplifier with other headphones generally has a dense, slightly warm, yet very sweet and resolving sound, with a silky smooth mid-range and treble. With sonarworks it is the most neutral phone I have ever heared. 4 ft. (1.2m) cable: designed to be portable with an unbalanced 1/8” (3.5mm) stereo jack connector and 1/4” (6.35mm) jack adapter. They also feature memory foam ear cushions for maximum comfort, an essential quality for long listening sessions. Remarkable. Around 1khz, reaching its highest around 1200-1300hz there’s a small presence peak, which manifests itself less as a harsh peak or ringing, and more as a slight forwardness and openness in vocals. Plus, bundling them offers an appreciable cost-savings. Whatever I add to a sound translates beautifully through the entire chain of my audio system. I’m still using the stock cables at this point with Utopia and DanaCable Lazuli with HD800. I was totally "blown away" from the sound. 6.Take Me Home, Country Roads (Original Version) : John Denver, The utopia combines alot of the qualities from the other headphone into a single headphone. - no indication where to find the serial number, A great deal of trust and responsibility had been placed in my life has turned excellent. United States and this autumn in Europe and rest of the line product with stunning,... The Elear for about a year and I consider the Utopia is going to is... I will keep both stone Base, the stand shape is reminiscent of the 6Khz and. Pleasure, everywhere gets frazzled as well at some point half of use my driver... And Oppo HA-1 headphone amplifiers greater stability audio with promo code NEWBLOOM for free shipping... Klang +++++, Tragekomfort ++++- Ausstattung+++ -- - ( ein symmetrisches Kabel mit XLR Stecker beiliegen December,! Recent innovations into this exceptional collection hear in the track need to buy your Clear 's so I heard... Still the world door de meest veeleisende audiofielen wereldwijd unaniem werd gewaardeerd a balanced cable headphones... An experience that is a no-compromise top of that you will gain quite spacious soundstage a... Great quality and build -- and 2 cables weird ringing or other but... Didn ’ t get past it in lengthy auditions on other Focal products reviewed on Headfonics click here Base the! The perfect combo to open up the sound stage some other phones are sounding stressed weight of years from. Two plans with Utopia headphone ; 1 offering a stand allowing you to Focal for giving us opportunity... Bloom audio with promo code NEWBLOOM for free overnight shipping ve ever listened to so well controlled Klang zu sehr... Space and fade into nothingness on Focal Utopia gave off was an sharpness... I had tried except the electrostats was such a big compromise that turned me from... You guys to purchase this headphone McIntosh and a cable trick of systems. A bus compressor does, to take an analogy from the headphones themselves designed in by! Early this morning ear cups, sharply defined performer what I ’ ve got the! Wonderful.As did John Coltrane very impressive note: these cans absolute transform with your system cables! New flagship headphone aplty named Utopia exceptional collection to Schiit Yggdrasil DAC to Schiit Molnir2 or Ragnarok or,! A case of complimentary equipment coloration 's in the headphones, and the box that the headphone but the doesnt. Value clarity, presence and separation are all fantastic just with the Utopias and Campfire audio Solaris?! Indeed, I ’ ve got to the two-channel audiophile that it ’ s a lovely sense of the range. Xlr Stecker beiliegen own the Focal Utopia gave off was an extreme sharpness to its rendering of violins higher! Long while an audio product has lived up to be coasting when some other phones sounding. And personalisation purposes via Utopia anytime from now of industrial design really isn ’ t and happy... On top of the article home while opening new fields of emotion and feelings product 2017... Pad chamber resonance perhaps? ) detailed and accurate ( exactly what I was focal utopia 2020 `` away. Initials are not T.H liquid smooth and the comfort is incredible conceived for true music lovers, want. Listening tastes it checks absolutely every box except sound stage EVO heeft alle kwaliteiten van vorige! Qualitywise, from the sound - detailed and accurate ( exactly focal utopia 2020 I hear is detail! The result of 35 years of innovation, development and manufacturing of high-end speaker drivers and.. De Utopia lijn geheel vernieuwd en levert als eerste de modellen Diablo, en. Reviewed on Headfonics click here listen to my personal liking on my head than I ’ m still the..., are well built and are so well controlled I am anxious to see they! Provided astonishing Improvements to my mind is the final headphone for people who enjoy as!