The bias seam is contained within the edges of the unit for stability during construction and use. Anyway, there are lots of ways to make Half Square Triangles, but this method is the fastest and most precise that I’ve found. I would have to say that HST quilt blocks are my favourite for this very reason. In fact, the easiest way to make quarter-square triangle blocks is to begin by making half-square triangle blocks. Free Printable Half Square Triangle Cutting Chart (when you sign up for my Newsletter) The half square triangle is one of the most basic units in quilting.. Also referred to as either 'HST' or 'triangle square', these units are simply a square made from two equal right triangles. Yes, really. How To Square Up Half Square Triangles Using the Quilt-in-A-Day HST Ruler. It’s my method of making perfect half-square triangles (HSTs) in a fraction of the time, with no marking diagonal lines or squaring up the finished units! The number of ways in how you use them is endless, and the number of HST quilt blocks surely number in the thousands! I’m calling it “Perfect HSTs.” Perfect HSTs is an instant-download PDF that includes the following, all for only $9.99: You probably know what Half Square Triangle units are- we use them A LOT in quilting. It doesn't matter if you take 57 pieces of fabric, sew them all together and cut them apart 83 different ways, if two triangles that result make a square, then it is a half square triangle. My formula for half square triangles is to start with a square that is 1 inch larger than the finished sized of the half square triangle block in the finished quilts. How To Make Half Square Triangles…Fast! So, if the pattern calls for a 4 inch finished half square triangle block, then I start with a 5 inch square of my chosen fabrics. This method requires no special rulers or equipment, other than a rotary cutter, ruler, and freezer paper. This method makes four HSTs out of 2 squares. LOL. They look like this: (For my HST tutorial and cheat sheet, please click here.) This time we’re tackling the “Magic” Method for making half square triangles. First, you are going to calculate the size of the squares you need to start with – the formula I have found is: Y= (X + 7/8)*2, with Y being the starting square and X being your desired HST. HRT’s look similar, but are, well, rectangles instead of squares. These triangles are usually made up of different fabrics that contrast each other in some way, such as light and dark, solid and patterned, or complementary colours. A HST consists of two triangles sewn together which finishes in a square. For example- if I needed to make a dozens of HSTs out of the same fabrics, then this would be a great way to accomplish that with way less headache. This makes it fast and easy to piece dozens of half square triangles at once. VIDEO TUTORIAL: How To Make Half Square Triangles Two At A Time. Trim down the remaining two sides and your half square triangles are complete and cut accurately to the proper size for your quilt! How To Make Half Square Triangles EIGHT At A Time. VIDEO TUTORIAL: How To Make Half Square Triangles EIGHT At A Time. Half-square triangles, or HSTs, are one of the top quilt block units in quilting. This method always results in two triangles created for every two stack of squares you stitch. A half square triangle unit of fabric – often abbreviated to ‘HST’ – is simply two right-angled triangles sewn together. The formula is a bit different — since quarter-square triangle blocks have additional seams, you will need bigger pieces to create your blocks. First, you’ll need to cut a square. Making More Half Square Triangles. I’ve seen this method used many times, but I seem to always associate it with Jenny Doan from the Missouri Star Quilt company who’s a big fan of this method!