Title: Scania Specification P94CB, Author: Midia Truck Brasil PDF Center, Name: Scania Specification P94CB, Length: 4 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2016-02-14 Issuu company logo Issuu Very important remark: If you need the Spare parts Catalog please inform engine model and … Title: Scania Cab Specification Serie 4, Author: Midia Truck Brasil PDF Center, Name: Scania Cab Specification Serie 4, Length: 3 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2016-02-14 Issuu company logo Issuu 4 0 obj SCANIA P410 tuck mileage in highway is NA kmpl and in City area NA kmpl. stream /Title We tried to give full information of SCANIA P410 Truck. Steve Philo Scania can prepare the vehicle for the bodywork at the factory. Scania P410 6x2 Specifications . The products on this page all have SCANIA specifications and show the viscosity.. To find the product you need always consult your vehicle handbook or use our Oil Finder tool. Talk To Dealer. << If you want to use this vehicle within the European Union, an import tax will have to be paid. �U�+8I>bzfJ�������PP�H����$H���[hz��(b��S�6� 6���G]�c7�e�Z%t�����n�}�30AfJ��"�5z�M7� ��bHֹ죓=���:�ۿ@~��a������ ���ё�嵽K��������Eo���G"\ў� &�D�m^��"!R)�2��c��\������MLQ�f$ E=�W�7����it_���l�;�{�r�?�Ms��#�ɮ�4�~vM"yP ��d�KЫ��-!V�ڕ�� W${��m���;�X����[椔*�S�~��&z�� �1��k#�]#�� ��|�"��'�����kP���)������KX���Y�vZTu��z©�� h��� ������-砆�.2�E�؟�9���ы�!Ǯ�i�W�.t��^A9)s5�k$VO�]���І l1�`���酏MMp��n����1�R��v�߰����� �!$P%�xGM�����C�.�2���(�a��Fk��{8�v�e��tИTˮ�3ڟ�&�5q �>�ٜr�Q�G��Ɵ58�9:�(@��K4�j�aq��EZR�bF���Qd��Κ��U2���֌�l�F�e~i�;�����tnա��Y���-���(��Nq]CW�y�+�k����ST�@��u����e! 2017-01-16T18:11:20.964+01:00 You seem to be located in . 4 endstream The emission class of this vehicle is Euro 3. Scania models covered by Multi system: Scania P-, G-, R-, T-series truck Scania 4 Series truck Scania 3 Series truck Scania F-, K-, N-series Bus Scania 4 Series bus Scania 3 Series bus Scania 4-series engine Scania 5-series engine. Product Bulletin, Research or buy HP printers, desktops, laptops, servers, storage, enterprise solutions and more at the Official Hewlett-Packard Website - HP Smart Array P410 Controller - QuickSpecs - c04111713.pdf Steve Philo can cause sludging and - Topping up with 1.0% by volume of Scania Anti-corrosive should be reduced cooling capacity. P-SERIES P 400/440 6X4 PRIME MOVER Chassis Specification. /Contents 4 0 R Max Power 410 bhp @ 1900 rpm ; Max Torque 2100 Nm @ 1000-1300 rpm ; Axle. >> "���WEvS�"��4s,B�� ۸���f����I�{��{���u�d��a��� ؜��) (�/(��dg��%������U�����KA��"��M4�����ҵ���-jcw+1\�꽎���N"���Ї�6#k^����Pr�_����)�I�F��/Ⱥ��]r�}�@�h4`�}6�N��*A���M�u�+�Bpb�,�9z�/̡u�͡�y�{HWw�GT�t+[ �a>����- Pay attention! This vehicle has a Euro 3 motor. This used Scania P410 4X2 is now in stock at BAS Trucks. extension boom - T4I hose equipment for two hydraulic functions, hose drum on the main boom and internal guidance in the boom system - RC001 Scanreco radio remote control . Power: 302kW (410 h.p.) 41 0 obj 1 SCANIA P 410 B 4x4 HZ Euro 6 _ M13x Technology provider English AT Facelift -Advanced Technology TLF 3000 Basis specification Chassis: › Type: Scania P410 B 4x4 HZ Euro 6 › Engine output: 302 kW (410 hp) › Transmission: GA866R (Allisson) › Wheelbase: 4.350 mm Cabin: › Double cab integrated into the body › Crew: 1/7 (2+3+3) › 3x COMFORT SCBA brackets against and 3 in IMAGES SPECIFICATION CHASSIS INFORMATION Registration: 9258333 Make: Scania Model: P410 Axle Config: 8x4 Double Drive Wheelbase (mm) 5350mm BHP 410 Suspension Type ON STEEL SUSPENSION Weight: 32 Tonne Emission Class: Euro 6 Gearbox Automatic Cab Type Day Cab Odometer 36 km / 22.4 mi CRANE INFORMATION Crane Manufacturer Palfinger Crane Model: M125L Crane Extensions: 2 Jib … endobj /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageC] 'XYM[����D9�#�dZ�H�j�ŏ3L4|~��@�ɴ��,���5}������׀���WI�_�|�f@\㟊x � ��Tk�5`�z��k�'�t���g=K�Oc��x��xW����Ψ�!���������5 � A�Z��2Y�.���.I�5�Q���!`+@�淹�c�n�S�5ZU*��h��o�����O�s���|��VC�{�Do0Z_���Z���Z�u6�prQ���t������_L~�̰b�.��|Gv�#���2����²������+�9�p�I��a���%�ޣ�d�f�k����65i�G�-@�/��T���b^����}+��0o(���A��84�8���q_{���ɕF�磑$G� � �����JB��kH�. The emission class of this vehicle is Euro 3. The company is located in Sodertalje, whose shareholders are companies MAN and Volkswagen AG.. From the first days of operation, the company managed to gain an … endstream Scania ‘13 litre’ vertical six cylinder in-line turbocharged intercooled direct injection diesel with Scania XPI. Go to your Scania market site for more information. Truck is maintain its mileage in every work. Pay attention! From ₹ 54.00 Lakh * Get On Road Price *Ex-showroom Price in New Delhi. <> This Scania has a manual GRS905 gear box with 12+2 gears. Please see the Home Page with explanation how to order and receive Manuals and Code Books. Home > Scania P410 XT - Tipper truck review. 1 0 obj This Scania has a manual GRS905 gear box with 12+2 gears. Get Scania P410 8x4 4053/Scoop Body price, specifications, features and photo gallery. Conclusion for SCANIA P410 Truck. <>stream This used Scania P410 4X2 is now in stock at BAS Trucks. Scania P-series: Scania P280, Scania P320, Scania P360, Scania P370, Scania P410, Scania P450, Scania P500 Scania S-series : Scania S410, Scania S450, Scania S500, Scania S520, Scania S580, Scania S730 Scania P-series trucks offer a lightweight, manoeuvrable and fuel-efficient range of configurations. abs agco sisu akasaka baudouin bmw bolnes bukh caterpillar chn 25/34 cummins. endobj The Scania P-series cab provides a combination of space and security, with easy cab access ideal multi-drop duties. >> You can specify just about any combination of series, capacity and driveline you can think of to build yourself the perfect Scania XT. - Never top up with water only or anti-corrosive only. x��W�n7}��G�h^�d�Z�NѠA/�IG��Jr"�q��=Ëvus�@� Scania Water/Foam Tender - 3100: Scania P410 4×4; 410 bhp; 4 Door crew cab – seats 6; Automatic Transmission; Water Tank 2,900 litres; Foam Tank 230 litres ; Download PDF Vehicle Specification. This model range is equipped with P cabs, which are available in five ve.. The wheelbase of the truck is … �dA�s帎�6��DV��Un��� }�I\�Tza��z�\L� 2) the manufacture specification requirements. Jump to: Highlights, Specifications, In the cab. This Scania has a manual GRS905 gear box with 12+2 gears. The DC 13107 motor has 410 hp. In this page you can find SCANIA P410 truck’s price in every states of India, Specifications with detail of Brake, … Scania Technical Information Library (TIL) Scania Technical Information Library provides the Scania organization with information, for use by importers, dealers and workshops. Check out Scania P410-B HT 2021 specifications. endobj Based on a 4-speed box, plus a planetary section, its strength is more than a match for the high-torque output of any Scania inline engine. It is good mileage with good torque power of the truck. 2017-01-18T17:32:50.970+01:00 SCANIA P410 B6x2*4NB at 1900 rev/min *Max. The DC13 107 motor has 410 hp. %PDF-1.4 The products on this page all have SCANIA specifications and show the viscosity. %���� /Filter /FlateDecode /Parent 3 0 R Tel: 0044 (0)1302 954007 Fax: 0044 (0)700 3900033 Web: www.evems.com E-Mail: sales@evems.com Rear body one … This gearbox offers similar advantages, together with an extra crawler ratio. Based on a 4-speed box, plus a planetary section, its strength is more than a match for the high-torque output of any Scania inline engine. This is a T1 vehicle. /Resources<< SCANIA truck providing good mileage in city and highway rides. endobj Check out the full detailed comparison of Scania G410 vs Scania P410 8x4! << Specification PK 24.001 SLD 5 - HPSC-E Stability system - HPSC-Plus module LOAD, extenstion of HPSC by detection of the payload - D 5-section hydr. View online or download Scania DI12 Operator's Manual Some SCANIA Truck Service Manuals, Workshop Manuals & Electric Wiring Diagrams PDF (3 & 5 series; G, P, R, T, S-series) above the page. Two rear USB 3.0 per PCIe adapter, up to three adapters per system. hatz hino honda hyundai isotta isuzu iveco john-deere kelvin kioti. endobj Jump to: Highlights, Specifications, In the cab Scania launched the XT as a rough and ready range for work in the toughest environments from quarries to forests. Front Axle Forged "I" beam reverse Elliot type axle, << /Author 13 0 obj Price Coming Soon. Industrial engine. Scania P410 4X4 Dual Role Fire Vehicle Specification Date of certification 28 July 2011 Mileage 1094 Manufactured and tested to CAP 168 CE marked in compliance with EC/ directive 98/37 Full manufacturer certification available. /Creator The vehicle originates outside the European Union. >> 15 0 obj 1344 video presentation scania pdf workshop & operation manuals, and spare parts catalog. With improved visibility and great driveability the P-series cab will give you the feeling of total control. >> Typical applications include construction, regional and local distribution as well as short-range transportation and services. Scania modular system –Scania quality Less than 40 parts differ from diesel engine Excellent service and spare part availability All city and regional purposes 280 hp (Bus, Truck, 1350 Nm) 320 hp (Bus, 1500 Nm) 340 hp (Truck, 1600 Nm) Other features Less sensitive to gas quality 100% operability on 2 000 m+ Operates on both CNG and LNG Repair manuals 59.3 MB: Spanish 910 P-series P410: 2014 scania p410 uzivatelsky mnual users manual czech.pdf User's manuals 52.8 MB: Czech 320 Scania R 410 CA6x4MHZ 288608 daewoo/doosan daihatsu detroit deutz fiat (ftp) ford ge grenaa guascor hanshin. Be the first oneRate Now. 88 0 obj This vehicle has a Euro 3 motor. The program SCANIA MULTI contains information on spare parts for cars and buses Scania.